The Zone Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song The Zone as performed by The Weeknd

Lyrics to song The Zone by The Weeknd

Why you rushing me baby
its only us
I don't want to die tonight baby
So let me sip this slow
I'll give you what you called for
Just let me get in my zone
I'll be making love to her through you
So let me keep my eyes close

And I wont see a damn thing
I can't feel a damn thing
But , If I touch you right
I won't see a damn thing
I can't feel a damn thing
But , Imma touch you right

Imma touch you right , ooh yeah .( let me set this slow )
Imma touch you right ( let me get inside my zone )
Imma touch you right ( just let me )

And I don't believe until I fall, ooh yeah
And I don't give a damn
I felt the girl before
I left it over her, baby
I didn't need no one
But, I'm here tonight baby
I've been alone for too long, Ohh .. ooh yeah


Got some new bills in the mail
Got some big favors I owe
Got some good things ahead of me
When these bad bitches let go
She in love with my crew
She said make enough so I can try some without drugs
This ain't you
Yeah girl, Just be you
And I do this shit for my hometown
It being going down it ain't new
That's that north north , that up top
That OVO and that XO
Your girlfriend at our next show
But, its all good dont stress though
First night F-ck, Never really planned it
Take a deep breathe, no need to panic
Lips so french, ass so Spanish
She said she like the view I got in my place
Shit , I did all of that on my own
Oh yeah .


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