Fuck Dat Shit Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Fuck Dat Shit as performed together by Three 6 Mafia&Juicy J

Fuck that shit
Fuck that shit
Fuck that shit
Fuck that shit
Fuck that shit

Juicy J
Fuck that shit
Fuck that shit
Slap a punk bitch
Slap a punk bitch
And raise hell like a mother
Make you call the punks
And when your finish other punks
I'm a cut your throat
Just a fun nigga mayn don't be playin it
And let a nigga know your real
and ain't barn shit
Cause with that bullshit front
you'll be called a chump
I saw you smokin on a blunt
bragin bout your trunk
So what you got pop pop nigga bring it on
22 38 tech nine a tone
So when you shoot your
little, shoot your better,
shoot to kill
Cause I'm a blow your punk ass to the grave


Juicy J
When I trip it up
I just say fuck the shit
Fuck police
Fuck the feds
Fuck all of it
Cause I don't really care
who stepped in my path
Cause I'm a chatch you off
guard drop it up your ass
Take your money and your
dope and your car keys
That's how a nigga has to live
when he's under siege
You got problems with the Juice
don't be actin strange
Why even talk behind by my
back take care of your
bussines mayn
Cause when you cum I'm a cum like a nut cum
And make you think to yourself
should I fight or run
If you keep stealin mine I'm a keep stealin
And keep my name out your mouth
and put my dick in it
Fuck that shit


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