Fuck That Nigga Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Fuck That Nigga as performed together by Three 6 Mafia&Juicy J

Follow that nigga x11

Project Pat
Fuck that nigga and his
whole damn neighborhood
Let me make one
motherfuckin thing
In my hood a couple of
you niggaz try to sell
out, bail out
Now you gonna make me take my
scope out
And when I do that
Imma aim then buck ya
Smilin' in my face aww mayne
I'm a busta
Cap in yo ass
That's for fuckin with me nigga
I know that you a hoe
And now I heard you clamin killa
A killa is a nigga who will
look you in the eye
Put tha pistol in your face
And let the pistol meet the fly
But I don't think so
You betta not try it
I'm throwin out guns like
a kamikaze pilot
My eyelid is raised and
I got you in focus
What you wanna faze all
you punk ass jokers
I hope this
Lesson motherfuckers gonna teach you
I got 6 slugs and they
all wanna meet you

Fuck that nigga
Fuck that nigga
Fuck that nigga
Bling bling bling
Fuck that shit

Fuck that nigga
Fuck that nigga
Fuck that nigga
Bling bling bling bling
Fuck that shit

Project Pat
Fuck you nigga
And you know just who I'm talkin bout
Livin on that other side
And you crossed a nigga out
I'm about my home
When it comes to stayin down
Use to be my road dogg
Now you just another clown
Hangin 'round you
Was a very very dumb mistake
Thought you was a real nigga
But you was another fake
Busta, musta
Wanna be thugster
I'm a label you as a
dead motherfucker
Fuckin with a nigga like Pat
You can die hoe
When I come out with the gat
I'm a try hoe
All of my might
Put you six under
Lookin for a fight
I'm a break out with the thunder
Sound of a glock .38
What you gonna do
Last sound that you hear (bang bang, fuck you)
Mark ass niggas frontin
like they gonna blast
Don't make a nigga like me
run and kill yo ass

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