No I'm Not Dat Nigga Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song No I'm Not Dat Nigga as performed together by Three 6 Mafia&Juicy J

Chorus x2
No I'm not that nigga that be
hugged up with you, but
I'm tha one walkin away
With your mouth chewin' nuts

Juicy J
Let's take a trip to east high
And talk about a bitch
Who claims she's a model
But I think I heard she suckin dick
Always talkin bout what
she can and gonna do
But I prefer the freaky
bitch to lay me down
and chew
If a nigga see you in a
hallway they all say
Put the hoe out the house out the way
Juicy J is the type a
nigga that your hoes don't
wanna dis
White Haven target bitch
Take a sip of my piss
And to that other stupid
bitch that go to Ferly
With the natural curly
Who was and giving non of that burly
Come to my crib and maybe
yet you can come to the
And let a nigga fuck it inside out
(I gotta) Come in my shorts
Dog with gold fangs in the strip
Searching for a girl who
works at Captain Dee's
Talkin shit who said I did
nothin for her mayn
You's a fuckin slut
I'm not that nigga that be
wit cha all hugged up


Juicy J
Freaky thing to these hoe's
Think they cold
Gold diggers
Always on a niggaz nuts
Always try to juice a nigga
(Buy me this, Buy me that)
Bitch I can't buy you jack
But I got these
For a broom and some Jimmy hats
If you wanna play around and tease
I don't want the cat
Dropped her off
Called up another fuckin hood rat
This is the girl
My nigga said had a deadly fight
Lights took them drunk
As the skunk comes out at night
Creepin through Cherokee
Real slow low key
Standin in the driveway
Now its time for a nigga like me
To get the bitch to do me up
Chew me up
Real sweet
Slob on the knob
Yeah you niggaz know the master piece
Once again
On the hoe stroll
Tryin to lay hoe
To a stupid dike lookin bitch
23 years old
Working at Sam's Town Casino
Maybe lady luck
But I'm not that nigga that be
with you all huged up

Chorus - Till Fade

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