World Playground Deceit Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song World Playground Deceit as performed by Todiefor

Lyrics to song World Playground Deceit by Todiefor

As you surrender to
the virginborn
and as you bow in
faithful devotion
To the golden laws of
manmade instinct
We take a long good
look in the crystal

And we see nothing but clouds
In that rotten
The planet’s own cradle of worms
How can anyone ever thiumph?

What were you, what will you be?
We can no longer tell
If you ceased to exist
Would we mourn or remember you?

Would we mourn?
Could we remember?
You lose now
As if winning
was your game...
He who knows
who have seen
and have made
Playground Deceit
Imaginary love
Shameless joy
Ravishing grin
Pointed finger
Disdainful might

We turn away
no longer caring


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