Dying Embers Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Dying Embers as performed together by To Die for (To&Die&For)

Lyrics to song Dying Embers by To Die for (To feat. Die&For)

It's the hour of fading light
Embers of my life
Save me from myself
You touched the fire
And took it out of me
The flame is gone for all eternity
Nothing can hurt me
I'm safe within your grace
Whatever comes our way
You will protect me
You gave me something
More precious than this life
You touched the fire
And took it out of me
After all I still believe
In life and blood relation
I know I'm drained of both
Now it's all the same to me
I'm safe in isolation
Surrounded by your love
With a silent whisper
You came from the dark
Left me whith splinters
Of my shattered heart


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