Label Me Diverse (Interview) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Label Me Diverse (Interview) as performed by Toosii

Lyrics to song Label Me Diverse (Interview) by Toosii

Interviewer: What's your motto in life?

King Toosii:
Uhh... When life gives you lemons, I believe, you plant a seed and grow more. Call it impossible I'll let that mindset be optional. My image I paint for people, isn't given to make me look good. It's just truly who I am. All apologies if I come off the wrong way

Interviewer: If you could do anything, what would it be?

King Toosii: Same thing any other real nigga would do Toosii laughs My moms need a house, I work too hard. She work even harder

Interviewer: Okay, okay, so. What's the meaning of your cover title, "Label Me Diverse?"

King Toosii:
Uhh... The meaning of the cover title was basically me being diverse. I mean... I hate to use it in sentence, I ain't mean it like that; but, it's me being different, naa mean? Uhh, the place that I grew up it wasn't too many people around me who chose this path. Actually, there was no other person that I know that chose this path and I just gotta get it. That's the whole concept of the baby in the middle of the road, with drugs and guns to the side, naa mean? I'm on my own road and they on they own path, Imma do me

Interviewer: Okay, cool, wow, well uh, last question. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

King Toosii: I wanna be a double xl freshman

"Freshman, Freshman, Freshman"

"Oh my gosh, I love his music"

"Oh my gosh, Toosii I'm your biggest fan"

"Yea girl, he's definitely gonna blow up one day"

"That's so crazy"

"Wow bro"

"You always had it I seen it coming for so long"

"You did it"

"Girl, He so fine"

"'Label Me Diverse' is finally here"

"He's so bomb"

"It just really hit home"

"It's your time to prove yourself"

"He's pretty dope"

"Show the world what you got"

"I just feel it"

"I mean, he worked hard. He deserve it"

"He deserve it"


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