Off The Rip (Remix) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Off The Rip (Remix) as performed by Toosii

Lyrics to song Off The Rip (Remix) by Toosii

Straight off the rip better know I ain't lettin' 'em slide
I just hope we collide 'cause if he got smoke then ain't no way he can hide
I just paid 'bout a band for one of my tools you think I won't up with that fire?
I ain't wanna do this shit but fuck it watch how I swallow my pride
I just came back from New York got a deal from another label but the other label said the other labels ain't do shit for they roster
So they told me don't sign
I know for a fact that them boys probably chatting
I did this shit before rapping
I been fucking these hoes, my big brother said I wasn't going to trap
She a dog I be beating her back in
I'll do 4-5 for the backend
If I a slap in a 50 and put a suppressor round it would that upgrade the MAC-10?
My lil homie tryna find where the sack is and he don't even play D end
I been tryna fuck Megan Good since I was a kid I think I was 9
If they ask me what happen outside the club shit then I'm legally blind
My bitch talking shit on the dashboard you get it?
You know that lil' baby fine
When I leave she gon' get to the crying
But then I just be like aight
She ain't doing shit but saving my money I'll stay in for the night
But that pussy so good I can't even lie I don't even put up a fight
She did all that crying and all of that whining she know that she getting the pipe
You know that I take ya life nigga I won't fight with'cha I just up and I strike
Put 'em up like a hot air balloon I don't care about the big nigga height
'Cause when it go boo-boo-boo-boom boo-boo-boo-boom
I guarantee we the same height
I got some shit that you see on a fake ad or you find on an illegal site
You can write me a whole paragraph, won't text back, don't care what you type
I ain't get XXL, say word man, somebody say sike
Know I can't bring my homies to BET awards they wanna come with the pipe
Prolly gon flirt with the interviewers tell them all about how they got them a mansion
Not knowing its a bunch of rich niggas around even the ones with the cameras
But back to the topic, I'm a hot topic, you better know I'll blam 'em
My granny got roll tide pride, she from Alabama
I'm from upstate New York where everybody in the town used to have 'em a Samsung
Used to be a bad ass kid, I ain't believe in Santa
Only thing used to sit me down was some Cartoon Network, play Danny Phantom
Now I'm like 19, what you tryna do, I'm tryna hop out the Phantom
I don't pop no pills, I don't drink no lean, bet I won't pour shit in my Fanta
My daddy like Billy Ray had a white bitch, wanted Hannah Montana
Instead he came out with a nigga like me I be looking like damn I'm handsome
I go out in public the old ladies they be telling me to pull my pants up
I answer like, "Yes ma'am", and I do it 'cause bitch I was raised by grandma
And I lost my grandaddy like 2 years ago still feel like fuck cancer
I don't judge nobody just get you a bag, nigga my sister a dancer
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