Playing Games (Remix) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Playing Games (Remix) as performed by Toosii

Lyrics to song Playing Games (Remix) by Toosii

You don't never have to ask me much
Only thing you gotta do is tell me to pull up
You don't never have to tell me none
I'll read your mind before you even speak up
You go through the worst things
And won't hurt things
It was never your intentions to hurt me
So, want you say my name? Say my name
Back shots when I'm in it I be bringing you pain
But you like that shit...
Grab a pillow you could bite that shit
You in love & you like my dick (oooooooohhhhhh)
You in love, & you like my dick
Take a pillow you can bite that shit (ohhhh-oh)
FaceTime calls in the morning
It's nothing like when you moaning
Warm cup of coffee I got you all in my gums
That lil pussy been all on my tongue
Play with it, licking it
Lately I been sticking it feeling it
I know you feeling it, oh
So want you say me name? Say my name
So want you say my name? Say my naaaaaaaaame
Cause you acting kinda shady, ah
Ain't been calling me baby
I think I'm crazy, ah
Why a sudden change?


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