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Discography of songs as they appear in Album A Force Majeure (2021). This archive of lyrics is maintained by Partycipant.

Lyrics in Album A Force Majeure (2021)

There is a total of 11 lyrics in Album A Force Majeure (2021). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1In DeeperTora
  2. 2Why Won't You WaitTora
  3. 3Call On MeTora
  4. 4InundatedTora
  5. 5Fire ApartmentTora ft. Angie Hudson
  6. 6Put Down Your PhoneTora
  7. 7New AgeTora
  8. 8When Will I LearnTora
  9. 9How LongTora ft. Molly Nicholson
  10. 10A Force MajeureTora
  11. 11MetanoiaTora ft. Asha Franco


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