Do Something Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Do Something as performed together by Total&Missy Elliott&Mocha

Lyrics to song Do Something by Total feat. Missy Elliott&Mocha

(featuring Missy & Mocha)
Rap by Mocha:
Boy I owe you none, you a phoney son,
You ain't the only one, you a lonely one.
What I ain't trying to do is lie to you,
Go find a clue, no time for you.
Won't beep you or see you, don't need you,
I can creep too, how I learned, peeped you.
No more what we do, we ain't people,
Don't wanna cheat you but catch you when I see you.

Verse One:
The way he kissed my lips,
He got me wettin' my pants.
He made my whole body start to do something,
Was this the sign of a true romance.
He began to dig me out,
He began to give me his all,
And he began to go downtown and do something.
That's when his girlfriend called,
And she was mad as a bitch and she said...

I know my man is there you'd
better put him on the phone,
'Cause I'm up in your front yard
and I'm very pissed off.
Now you best to send him out and
tell him that I'm upset,
Put my man on the phone, or this you will regret.

Verse Two:
The way he touched my back,
Felt like I had a heart attack.
The way he walked and licked his
lips, it did something,
Yeah and I was horny like that.
He liked to lick my face,
So I had to give him lots of space.
Just when he began to give it his all,
That's when his girlfriend called,
And she was mad as a bitch and she said...

Repeat Chorus

Rap by Mocha:
Yo listen boo, you worry, so your bills get paid,
While every day I'm makin' sure this mil get made.
The car you flipped...
Ain't even paid for,
Me, I got the title so I can keep eatin'...
Or coppin' leather, and for
hatin' you gon' stay poor,
Ain't sure, suspect chicks, we stay with way more.
Can't test this, keep my name off your guest list,
We gettin' bent like the L in Lexus.

I had it, to many lies,
Now you begging just to be mine.
But I caught you, times before,
Now you sorry, what you do it for.

Repeat Chorus to fade