Razorblade Confessional Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Razorblade Confessional as performed by Toxic Infinity

Making the cuts with that knife
I know its wrong but it feels so right

Razor blade homemade confessional
Set back and rewound the stitching shows the bounds
We will have to take and make them strong and sound... decisions

Is there someone who cares
Is it the thought of being loved or the thought of being hated
Whatever it is rejection is the sedation of the motivation
Of which it will happen and become the controlling decapitation

Razorblade confessional
Take my thoughts for yours and get endless gore
Don't even consider or reconsider its not the way to go
And its not mine either so please don't go

I don't want to be misleading I just want to
be that razorblade confessional
And go inside those deep inner workings of yours (whisper)

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