Bottles And Bibles (2011) Lyrics Album

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Lyrics in Album Bottles And Bibles (2011)

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Song titleArtist names
  1. 1.Bottles And BiblesTyler Childers
  2. 2.Hard TimesTyler Childers
  3. 3.Junction City QueenTyler Childers
  4. 4.We've Had Our FunTyler Childers
  5. 5.CoalTyler Childers
  6. 6.Play Me a Hank SongTyler Childers
  7. 7.If Whiskey Could TalkTyler Childers
  8. 8.The HarvestTyler Childers
  9. 9.DetroitTyler Childers
  10. 10.The Gospel (According To Fishermen)Tyler Childers
  11. 11.SilenceTyler Childers
  12. 12.Long Hard RoadTyler Childers