Bottles And Bibles (2011) Lyrics Album

Discography of songs as they appear in Album Bottles And Bibles (2011). This is a collection of song lyrics where the following artists perform: Tyler Childers (perform in 12 of these lyrics). This archive of lyrics is maintained by Party 🎈 Cipant of Reality.

  1. 1.Bottles And Bibles
  2. 2.Hard Times
  3. 3.Junction City Queen
  4. 4.We've Had Our Fun
  5. 5.Coal
  6. 6.Play Me a Hank Song
  7. 7.If Whiskey Could Talk
  8. 8.The Harvest
  9. 9.Detroit
  10. 10.The Gospel (According To Fishermen)
  11. 11.Silence
  12. 12.Long Hard Road