Honest Work Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Honest Work as performed by Tyler Childers

Lyrics to song Honest Work by Tyler Childers

Let's pack our bags and go to Florida for the winter
And meet ourselves some real nice folks
A little on the older side, and little on hope
We'll hold their hands as they walk across the street
Help 'em wipe their goddamn ass
And when they're all fast asleep, steal their medicine cabinet
Take it back home for the kids to go to school
Make enough damn dough to burn a wet bank mule
I'm in between jobs with nothing to do
Girl, it's vacation time

It's honest work, I mean it's honestly a hassle
Folks get madder than fire
If they catch you in the witching hour
Trying to steal their copper wire
But if we get it, got a cousin at the scrapyard
Aunt Betty raised a goddamn saint!
He always offers top dollar
He's always giving me a fair shake
We oughta save a little while we're still around
We gotta keep ourselves busy as we're coming down
And it sure beats diggin' underneath the ground
Savin' vacation time

Ain't hard, I taught Junior how to do it
And he's touched in the head, dark child
Blames it on the drug use, honey
What does he know anyhow?
Takes a little honest work
But pretty much cooks itself
I got a buddy on the mountain having
Trouble keepin' it on the shelf
And if we turn a profit, don't you worry, boo
We'll put a couple good snorts back for me and you
It'll keep you tweakin', keep ya going through
Til we get vacation time


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