Junction City Queen Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Junction City Queen as performed by Tyler Childers

Lyrics to song Junction City Queen by Tyler Childers

Oh dance with me, junction city queen
Just to hold you would be the greatest thing
Just spinnin' around to the sound of the jukebox so low
And as the time fades, I pray that it goes by slow

Oh sing for me, junction city queen
Well you sound like an angel, so it seems
'Cause everything stops, as we pray you don't go
In the mornin' back to Ohio
But I find myself with empty arms
And a head thats full of dreams
Of my junction city queen

Won't you wait for me, junction city queen?
Well I'm headed that way, and I'm pickin' up steam
And I know for a while I'll be fine until I must leave
And wait for the next time that I see my queen


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