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Rap Artist Lounger G aka Fernando Leonard Carrillo of his Its The Robber Project Album,
A EP Album like a 45 rpm., you can buy a download of his 3 song Album for minimum wage
Lounger Gs 2nd Album: Nightmares Of Depravity a 17 Song Album sellen for $20 a download.
or you can buy downloads of his singles for $6 .
Lounger G has been droping Hits since 4-16-04 he is a 1 time grammy winner through the New Mexico music awards for his Song: Im Gonna Be Your Rida and Gold Star Nominated through the (HCC) and 2 gold records certified by the (RIAA) , and is a Latin/Rap/Hiphop MVP, and should be in Colorados Music hall of fame because he is a Artist of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. ? was Lounger G ever a one hit wonder?
Lounger G just came out with 20 songs
promoting every single like if its a Album.
all you need is one Album, so these are his two,
Its the Robber Project Album was Publicly released in 2011,
and Nightmares Of Depravity was released in 2020

Its The Robber Project Album

  1. its the robber, mixsong
  2. its the robber, gangsta version
  3. its the robber, beat

Nightmares Of Depravity, Album
1 . Nobody But Me
2. From Dusk Till Dawn, Hustlas Anthem, ft: Nino Brown
3. Musician Gril
4. Where Would I Be
5. Why Me
6. Im Gonna Be Your Rida, ft: Zigzag of NB Riders an Bookie Lok of NBK
7. A Rappers Life, Movie Soundtrack, ft: Cuete Yeska and Ese Daz of Spanish Fly
8. This Is My Dream
9. My Revenge
10. Im Gonna Be Your Rida, Radio Version
11. When Times Get Rough, ft: Dolly-E Girl
12. Im Gonna Get Mine
13. Dear Misses Manzanares
14. The Gambler, Remix
15. In Love with You
16. Sad Song
17. Rollen On My Own
18. In the Air


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