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Album Obsessed Waterfalls

The lyrics album Obsessed Waterfalls contains 8 songs and features Nili Reyy, Heart Of Jared, MEEK and 1 others

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 1Obsessed IntroNili Reyy
  2. 2HeadlightsNili Reyy
  3. 3i AM AfraidNili Reyy
  4. 4Time On YouNili Reyy
  5. 5Lifestyle FlashesNili Reyy ft. MEEK
  6. 6Dumb 2 ThinkNili Reyy ft. Heart Of Jared
  7. 7Live Laugh LoveNili Reyy
  8. 8Heart Of BoldNili Reyy ft. Nicole Jazae
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