W.C. Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 55 song lyrics by W.C.. 42 of these are songs where W.C. perform alone, and 13 are songs where W.C. perform together with other artists. See other artists related to W.C. at the end of this lyrics archive.

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42 song lyrics with W.C. alone

Song Name
  1. 1.Ain't a Damn Thing Changed
  2. 2.Bellin (Featuring Kokane)
  3. 3.Better Days (Featuring ron Banks)
  4. 4.Call it What you Want
  5. 5.Can't Hold Back (Featuring ice Cube)
  6. 6.Cheddar (Featuring ice Cube & Mack 10)
  7. 7.Creator
  8. 8.Dot & the Reverend William Black)
  9. 9.Dress Code
  10. 10.Feel me
  11. 11.Flirt (Featuring Case)
  12. 12.Fuck my Daddy
  13. 13.Fuckin' wit uh House Party
  14. 14.Get up on That Funk
  15. 15.Ghetto Serenade
  16. 16.Granny Nuttin' up
  17. 17.Hog
  18. 18.Homesick
  19. 19.In a Twist (Featuring Coolio)
  20. 20.Intro
  21. 21.It's all bad
  22. 22.Just Clownin'
  23. 23.Keep Hustlin' (Featuring E-40 & too $Hort)
  24. 24.Kill a Habit
  25. 25.Let's Make a Deal (Featuring Gangsta & Lina)
  26. 26.Out on a Furlough
  27. 27.Paper Trippin' (Featuring Nate Dogg)
  28. 28.Put on tha set
  29. 29.Quick way out
  30. 30.Shadiest one (Featuring cj Mac)
  31. 31.Slow Motion
  32. 32.Survival of the Fittest (Featuring Dre'sta & Young Shane)
  33. 33.Taking ova
  34. 34.The Autobiography
  35. 35.The one
  36. 36.Walk (Featuring ice Cube & Mack 10)
  37. 37.Walk with me
  38. 38.Wanna Ride (Featuring ice Cube & mc Ren)
  39. 39.West up! (Featuring Mack 10 & ice Cube)
  40. 40.Wet Dream
  41. 41.Worldwide Gunnin'
  42. 42.You Don't Work, u Don't eat (Featuring ice Cube, mc Eiht & jay Dee)

13 song lyrics with W.C., and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 43.Chrome & PaintIce Cube, W.c.
  2. 44.Color BlindIce Cube, Coolio, King Tee, W.C., Kam, J-Dee, Threat
  3. 45.Get Used To ItIce Cube, The Game, W.C.
  4. 46.I Ain't the OneScarface, WC
  5. 47.Life in CaliforniaIce Cube, W.C., Jayo Felony, Young Maylay
  6. 48.My Hoodlumz & My ThugzE-40, Mack 10, WC
  7. 49.My LowriderThe Game, Chingy, E-40, Ice Cube, Lil' Rob, W.C., Crooked I, Techniec
  8. 50.The Militia (Remix)Gang Starr, Rakim, W.C.
  9. 51.The StreetsW.C., Nate Dogg
  10. 52.The Streets (Remix)W.C., Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit
  11. 53.Too West CoastIce Cube, WC, Young Maylay, Keith David
  12. 54.Y'all Know How I AmIce Cube, OMG, Doughboy, WC & Young Maylay
  13. 55.Young Locs Slow DownWarren G, W.C., Butch Cassidy