DPG Unit Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song DPG Unit as performed together by Young Buck&50 Cent&Daz Dillinger&Lloyd Banks&Snoop Dogg&Supafly

Lyrics to song DPG Unit by Young Buck feat. 50 Cent&Daz Dillinger&Lloyd Banks&Snoop Dogg&Supafly

Doggy struck a match and the match went out
G-Unit, is in the motherfuckin house

Snoop Dogg - echoes
Oh shit! (DPG) Yeah, haha
It's the motherfuckin DPG G-G-G-G Unit!
Can you believe it? (believe it)
On some gangsta shit, y-yeah
On some gangsta shit, straight up nigga
Check this out right here though
Check it check it out, check it check it out

Interlude: Snoop Dogg
Doggy struck a match and the match went out
G-Unit is in the motherfuckin house (DoggHouse)
You keep talkin shit I'll put my gun up in your mouth
My gun up in your mouth, I'll show you what I'm 'bout

Snoop Dogg
Sit back, kick back nigga 'fore I click-clack
Dig this, I did that but I can't admit that
Niggaz want some get back, I know it so I get strapped
Suckas took they laws off, these hoes want my draws off
Cuz tried to foul me, but I had to steel back
In fact when I hit him he was bloody in the bilz-nack
His buddy tried to peel back, but I had to kill that
Real niggaz from the turf, shit I know y'all feel that
We won't talk, ain't no need for that (fuck that)
The word on Snoop is I'm a G for that
A 'G' for what? Fuckin niggaz up with no talkin
See the best way to leave a nigga's off in a coffin
And now I'm back on the set and I'm walkin
I done it so clean ain't nobody even talkin (shhhh)
It's like flippin a bitch, I'm Crip'n with this
I'll fuck around and have you niggaz missin and shit

Chorus: Snoop Dogg + (Daz)
Doggy struck a match and the match went out
G-Unit is in the motherfuckin house (Motherfuckin house!)
You keep talkin shit I'll put my gun up in your mouth
My gun up in your mouth, I'll show you what I'm 'bout

Daz Dillinger
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I here to replenish opponents, you gangstas
Ain't nothin goin on but the crazy DPG Unit, BA-BAY!
Who that nigga you love to hear from?
I'm comin back with the full artillery,
comin back with them full drums
I'll beat yo' ass and I'll stomp you out
With Buck, Banks, 50 comin just to stomp you out
Snoop and Supa, Daz C-walkin again for the cash
We came from playin them fuckin games so raise up the flags

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Now keep talkin bitch nigga, lay your body in chalk
G dippin, we Crip'n, Dogg Pound Gangsta mission
Blastin a straight assassin flashin the heat
Mashin with G-Unit, we do it, nigga please move it
Don't make me cock cause I won't stop
I got you scoped in my infra, fuck up and I'll getcha
(Givin death to a nigga tryna fuck wit a G)
I got my 9 in my pocket bitch, kick off an apocalypse


50 Cent
Nigga now gotta let me break it down for you how it's gon' be
You don't wanna fuck with Snoop cause
then you gotta fuck with me
G-Unit, DPG - go 'head
Start some shit, I got my strap with me
Watch how niggaz get to duckin when I get to bustin
It's nothin, I'll touch him for talkin too much I'll cut him
Push my knife in then fuck him
Man, pussy niggaz don't deserve to breathe
The strong survive, the bitches perish nigga you'll see

Young Buck
Ain't nothin like the smell of gun powder,
the shells hittin the pavement
Even the paramedics couldn't save him
I gave him one to the chest, and sixteen to the face
Got knocked then call Cochran to get me off the case
We on deadly grounds, I done been to hell and back
I had to stand out in the rain just to sell my pack
Hangin outta the back of the black Cadillac window
Adrenaline pumpin, the infra-red on his temple


Lloyd Banks
I'm straight outta Southside Jamaica nigga
I'm 'bout my paper nigga, your words
won't make or break a nigga
I'll put yo' bitch on a track, make her break a nigga
Got rings like a Los Angeles Laker, nigga!
We smoke more than you can handle
So on my regular day I burn longer than a Rest In Peace candle
And my neck piece is a anchor
A G-Unit gorilla's equivalent to a Dogg Pound Gangsta